Four more shows in France – the three above, plus a special private show on Thursday… 🙂

A KNOCK on the door wakes us up. Everything’s pitch black and I’m wondering what’s going on…

It’s Dominique with a wake up call. And it;s not the middle of the night, it’s after 9am and the sun’s shining…just none of it is getting through the shutters on our window! We’ve been asleep a good five hours.

Downstairs Armelle is getting ready to go and open the pub at the front of last night;s venue and Luc has been out to get croissants. The coffee’s on.

We hit the road just after 11am and arrive back at Beaumont en Véron around 1.30pm. Marie-Claude orders pizza in for lunch and we’re soon round the table. eating again!

Seems I have a show on Tuesday night in Angers – at T’es Rock Coco – that we didn’t know about! Luckily, although I prepared my eNewsletter, it doesn’t go out ’til tomorrow, so I can add the gig to my listings along with a new one Margaret’s organised for Saturday 25 November at the Village Club in Strathblane, not far from our own village.

I knock up some last minute poster art and fire it off to the venues///better late than never.

We go back to the old mill, stopping at the supermarket to pick up some stuff to take to Dominique and Marie-Claude when we go back later on…as well as organising all the shows, they’ve sorted our  accommodation for ten days’ and are feeding us and driving us around. Way beyond the call of duty.

After a wee nap we go back to Beaumont en Véron for dinner, It’s after midnight when we return to the mill.