Today’s collage – the cat comes to make friends; oysters…; and steak for Sunday lunch!

WE’RE up quite late and after breakfast, hang out at the old watermill drinking coffee and catching up on some work.

It’s eNewsletter day, so I spread the link over social media then get the press/radio PR done for the upcoming Nottingham show at the running Horse on Wednesday 18 October. Dominique’s mum’s cat – which has been a little scared and skittish – plucks up the courage to jump on my lap while I;m working then i can’t get rid of the wee bugger 🙂

The eNewsletter often attracts a wave of online orders – not always easy to deal with while we’re away from home, but most folks are ordering the new live album on CD which is eaiser to cope with. I make a note of all the addresses etc and we’ll get to the local post office tomorrow.

Then it’s time to go over to Dominique’s a few miles away. Marie-Claude has lunch on the way…no ordinary Sunday lunch tho’! I think the dozen oysters and bread IS lunch…but no, it’s just the starter and followed by some of the best steak we’ve ever tasted. We are being truly spoiled on this trip.

We hang out for a while then go back to the old mill. It’s raining for the first time and while we fancy a walk, we opt to sleep off some of the food.

Back at Dominique’s for drinks and dinner where we’re joined by his mum and dad, son Adrian and his girlfriend Caroline…Marie-Claude, once again, is busy in the kitchen. We’re still full from lunch but enjoy grilled oysters followed by savoury crepes, cheese and apple tart. We’re gonna burst.

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