A morning walk to the local vineyards with Christian, Marie and Eric.

WE’RE up relatively early to get some work done before we meet some of the FestivalBAR team at Le Temps des Crises at 10am…we arranged to go for a walk to some local vineyards this morning.

We get there first then Christian Eric and Marie arrive and we walk out of town and onto the country roads…then through the vineyards. Most of the grape harvest has been done, but there’s still an abundance of grapes left on the vines.

The five mile walk also takes in an old temple then we stop at Eric and Marie’s for a beer. Then it’s just a five-minute walk back to Temps des Crises where Dominique and Marie-Claude are waiting to take us to a nearby restaurant for lunch. 

Afterwards we go back to the old mill and Margaret has a nap while I get some odds and sods of work done. 

We’re back in Les Temps des Crises just after 5pm. Some of the other musicians hitting town for the festival have arrived  and we catch up with some old pals – Norman Beaker and his band who are backing Larry Garner before packing my gear into Dominique’s van and heading for Angers.

It’s an hour’s drive at Dominque’s ‘bat out of hell’ speed and soon we’re loading in at T’es Rock Coco – a cool bar with a fantastic dedicated venue downstairs. It seems very quite when we go upstairs for a beer and chat to owner Ben after soundcheck…but ten minutes before showtime the place starts to fill up and there’s a big queue to get in! By the time I start the place is rammed, it’s roasting hot and folks are crushing at the back to get in.

It’s a stormer of a show (tho’ I say it myself!) and after packing up we go back upstairs for a beer and chat to folks. Ben sends us to a wee pizzeria across the road for some grub, then we hit the road back to Beaumont en Véron.

Still loads of grapes left on the vines after the harvest.

Before the show at T’es Rock Coco, Angers – no photos from the gig because Margaret couldn’t get anywhere near the stage 🙂