Guy Verlinde headlines the indoor stage on the first day of FestivalBAR

DOMINIQUE calls us at the old mill to see if we can bring some things to the festival site – two big concrete decorative pumpkins!

We empty the car and manhandle them into the boot then make our way, slowly, to the festival village where we have lunch with the team before going to see The Honeymen play a children’s at Les Temps des Crises.

The ‘village’ is almost ready and will open at 5pm…then, at 6pm Ronan One Man Band kicks things off on the outdoor stage. We catch up with lots of friends – Cyril form the other night in Thouars, Laurent from Le Buis festival and many more folks we know.

Indoors, we watch New Yorker Chris Bergson and his abnd then go backstage for some dinner before watching Guy Verlinde from Belgium. A great night 🙂

Dominique introduces the bands…

…Ronan One Man Band…

…Chris Bergson…

…great sound and production thanks to Adrien.

Margaret and Catherine