Sharing the Glengoyne love with Larry Garner after his headline slot at FestivalBAR

ONCE we’ve attended to the morning’s email and I get a video from Wednesday’s show at Conservatoire Tyndo in Thouars uploaded to Facebook we make our way to the festival village.

The Honeymen are playing when we arrive and we enjoy some of their songs before heading backstage for some lunch and to say hello to everyone. The atmosphere here is great.

We have some stuff to pick up in a nearby village and are also running low on fuel, so we sort all that out, go back tot eh old mill for a while then it’s back to the festival site in time to catch an outdoor set from Phillipe Menard.

Larry Garner

After stopping by Arnauld’s backstage hospitality bar and sharing some Glengoyne love we go inside and watch Isaya – two girls and guy – play a stunning set. Not blues in any way. but really good. We love them.

Hunger’s calling, so we go backstage for some dinner then back into the hall to watch Mr Bo Weavil and then a fantastic set from US master Larry Garner.

We all hang out backstage after the show and before we know it, it’s after 3am and we make our way back tot he old mill….

We love Isaya…not blues, but that don’t matter 🙂

Phillipe Menard

The Honeymen!

Backstage catering with Glengoyne and Marie-Claude