I’M up at a decent time and get started on clearing the decks.

Travel insurance is need renewed…in fact, the while thing need reviewed, budgets/cashflow need looked at and t-shirt art needs revamped.

First, tho’, there’s a load of emails and other stuff to attend to.

I decide to leave the travel insurance until Margaret checks out something she has with a bank account..it may be sufficient for the upcoming short European trips – Estonia/Latvia next week and Austria at the end of November. No point in kicking off a long-term worldwide annual policy until we actually need it.

Betty drops by for some help with some emails and brings her iPad. Makes me think how much I need to update my cranky eight-year-old iPad2…now the Apple pencil has me yearning for an iPad Pro, but I realise I might be better (and a lot cheaper) updating my graphics tablet. There’s some funky new line smoothing plug-ins out there…none will run on the old iMac in the studio, so I download to the MacBook and will see if I can get my ancient Wacom tablet to work. if it does, and shows promise, I’ll think about an upgrade.

There’s no time to tackle the t-shirt art…I need to make dinner early ‘cos there’s an important meeting at our local village hall where we hope the ‘old’ community trust will be  wound up and replaced by the new East Loch Lomond Community Trust (ELLCT)

A 90% vote in favour of the change means success…and heralds a new era of activity and enthusiasm for our local area. In fact, the ELLCT has already achieved more in a few months than the old trust has in ten years.

After the meeting we meet some pals from Honolulu in the pub..they;re passing through on a tour of Scotland and we’d promised to drop by and hang out.