Restringing guitars in the studio….

A LONG lie enjoying a coffee in bed…and some nice news that Live at Memorial Hall is album of the week on Celtic Music Radio 🙂

Then up in time for the postie.Not only does he bring the graphics tablet, but amongst the other mail are some sets of guitar and banjo strings from Newtone strings…just in time for our our trip south and on to Estonia and Latvia this week 🙂

After (a late) breakfast I unbox the graphics tablet, plug it in to charge and download all the necessary software to make it work. Meantime, I get on with some work and pack up a few online merch orders ready for the post office on Monday.

I have a quick mess about with the graphics tablet and all seems to be working fine. A lot of set up and practice is gonna be needed before I get to grips with it tho’.

In the studio I set about restringing all the guitars for this week’s upcoming shows. It’s my least favourite job, but the dullness is alleviated by a series of Wacom tablet set up and tutorials on YouTube.

Then it’s time to go along to Getty and Joe’s for dinner and help with the annual ritual of putting up the kitchen curtains in readiness for winter.

We have a lovely night and a proper catch up over grub and red wine.

The new graphics tablet…gonna take some getting used to, but should open up a whole new world of creativity 🙂