THERE’S a deluge of emails needing dealt with…and our to-do list is growing faster than we can handle it.

The rain’s off tho’, so I take the opportunity to take the cover/shade off the garden swing and put it in the shed along with the parasol from the table. Then the table is moved to the decking and all tied down in case of winter winds!

I took some string-changing pix yesterday so prepare some social media posts tagging the string maker, Newtone Strings, with whom I have an endorsement deal.

Also, I spread a great review of one of my shows from Zicazic magazine – see it here.

There’s a big pork shoulder needing cut up and trimmed to make a pork, chorizo and butter bean stew. It;s quite a time-consuming job. Once done, I sort the chorizo and gather the other ingredients before taking a break to print a batch of ‘forthcoming gig’ postcards and make up set lists for the upcoming  Nottingham, Estonia and Latvia shows.

Back inside, I get everything cooking then back out to the office to deal with some radio promo requests from France and Finland.

Betty’s asked if we can nip along and help with something and have an aperitif. it’s dark as we head along the lochside and spend some time with our pals.

Back home, it’s well after dinner time. Glad I prepared it all earlier…we’ve an early start int he morning…