WE have 9am and 9.30am appointments at the dentist so there’s a bit of a skiddle getting out the door on time.

I go first and after a clean bill of health nip to the post office while Margaret gets her check up (all good too 🙂 ).

Next stop Blanefield and Strathblane to get some posters and flyers out for the gig at the Village Club on Saturday 25 November.

We’re on a schedule to get to Forfar to meet Susie and Kim for coffee/lunch at 1pm, but we’re hungry now…and there’s time to stop in Lennoxtown for some breakfast and diesel.

We make good time to Forfar and meet our pals before 1pm in a wee cafe that’s part of department store M & Co – it takes ages to bring our grub and my panini is awful…been ‘toasted’ within an inch of it’s like and is like eating a slab of concrete. Ach well, the company’s good and Margaret’s baked tattie is slightly more edible!

I have two meetings with PRS fund grantholders…one in Arbroath and one in Kirriemuir, so we say cheerio and carry on. While I’m in Kirriemuir Margaret drops intot he jeweller that made my wedding ring to have it repaired. One if the rails on the outside has split…the shop’s closed today, but when I called on Friday he said to chap the door and he’d be happy to fix it. That’s service!

We’re home by 7pm and I get some work done before dinner then…chill!