Balmaha’s new pontoon is taking shape…click to see more pix on the website….

THERE’S a little work to be done for the new local community trust…a registration problem with the web domain is sorted out, then I get a holding page in place.

Once the daily – and some ad-hoc – admin stuff is out the way I contact some folks in Stratblane/Blanefield about the 25 November show and I arrange to drop more posters off later today.

After lunch I get some things done in the studio then drive to Strathblane to drop off the posters.

There’s a lot of stuff to be sorted for tomorrow’s early departure…then I go for a walk up the lochside. The first in ages.I do a quick Facebook Livestream update from the far end of Milarrochy bay where there’s a good 4G signal.

On the way back I take some snaps of the new pontoon which is looking pretty good.

Back home I sort the guitars and pack the car. Some stuff will have to be re-shuffled after tomorrow night’s show in Nottingham as we’re pretty tight on what we can get on the plane when we fly off to Estonia from Manchester the next day (Thursday).

After posting the pontoon photos to the webzine I make some dinner…trying my hand at salt and pepper tofu tonight….