Rude? Me? Never! Cracking night in Nottingham 🙂

THE guitars and music gear’s all in the car, but there’s merch and all our bags to be juggled around.

Some stuff we need for tonight’s show in Nottingham won’t be coming to Estonia and Latvia so its a bit of a puzzle. 

We’re on the road soon after 10am. First stop is our hotel near Manchester airport. We check in and leave some bags then continue our journey to Nottingham. Another 90 miles.

We load in at the Running Horse at 6pm. Owner Rob has dinner ready for us so we eat and enjoy a drink before setting up. Opening act – Benjamin Bassford – and his dad Dave are good company and we blether after soundchecks. Doors open at at 7.30pm and the crowd grows…slowly at first, but builds nicely.

Benjamin plays an awesome set. We really like him…and his music. The audience like him too 🙂

Then I pay a good hour and a quarter to a very enthusiastic reception. 

After the show we hang out and chat at the merch table and have a couple of beers before tidying up and loading out. Been an excellent night.

We have a 90-mile drive back to the hotel…and once were there, we need to sort out the bags and see what is – and isn’t – coming on the plane with us in the morning. It’s 2.30am and we need to leave the hotel about 6.30am. Uuuuummmph..

Benjamin Bassford opens the Nottingham show…