Despite the lack of sleep, I pull one the best shows I’ve ever played out the bag at Rockstars in Tallinn.

THE alarm goes off at 5.30am…we need to be out the hotel in 45 minutes,

Needless to say we’re both knackered! We get to the long stay car park at Manchester airport then get the bus to departures.

In a change from the norm, I’m just taking one steel guitar and the solid body ResoLectric Jnr…normally I take two steel guitars. The solid body case is OK, but not exactly a flight case, and we’re concerned that the flights full, it’s a small plane and both guitars need to be checked into the hold.

We have a four hour stop in Stockholm where lunch – two sandwiches, two beers and a muffin – is £36. Jeez!

The festival I’m playing in Austria at the beginning of December has asked for a ‘hello, I’m Dave Arcari’ video, so we film something int eh airport, edit it and send it off.

We’re meant to land in Tallinn at 7pm, but the plane’s an hour late and its nearly 8pm when we land. Happily the guitars and bags all arrive and we clear customs quickly, jump into a taxi and hit the venue just before 8.30pm….doors opens at 8pm and the support band is on at 9pm!

It’s a bit of a panic, but we get loaded in OK and have time to relax and grab a beer in the dressing room before Mad Harley kicks of the night.

Rockstars is a brilliant venue and the place is rammed – quite a lot of folks we know from previous visits to Estonia and a lot of rock and metal folks. 

Despite the overwhelming tiredness and haste in setting up, all goes great. the sound engineer, Dennis, does a fantastic job and somehow I pull one of the best shows I’ve played out the bag.

There’s a lot of photos, chat and signing merch afterwards, more beer and whisky and then tidy up.

Promoter Mad takes us and the gear to the fancy apartment we’re staying at…it’s well after midnight and we’re hungry, so we go for some grub then fall into bed. What a day. What a 24 hours!

Mad Harley kick off what turns out to be a fantastic night 🙂