It’s a lovely day as we leave Riga and Latvia behind…such a lovely city – hope we return soon and have time to look round the place.

FEELING a wee bit rough this morning…another post-2am bedme. At least we don’t have to be up at 6am today!

Breakfast in the hotel finishes at 10.30am and we make it by 10.15am, stopping to say cheerio to Kat on the way.

The breakfast;s good then it’s back to our room where Margaret raonalises the bags and packs up while I get some work done online before our noon checkout.

We order a cab to take us to the airport and get there just before check in opens for our flight to Copenhagen where we have a quick transfer and land in Manchester just before 6pm.

All the bags and gear shows up and we clear passport control and customs quickly, get the bus to the car park and soon we’re on our way home.

With stops for some grub, swap driving and pick up some shopping in Glasgow we’re back home soon after 11pm. A wee drink and straight to bed! It’s been an amazing run of shows.

Margaret grabs a coffee (yes, really…NOT a G &T!) bwfore check-in at Riga airport