AAAAAAHHHHH…a good sleep and a long (relatively!) lie then coffee in bed and a nice shower.

The calm before the storm, though – there’s a mountain of stuff needing tackled today.

Budgest and cash flow for the next couple of months tops the agenda. Then there’s a load of stuff to be done for upcoming gigs. In particular online lisngs and a news release to go out for my London show at the Blues Kitchen in Camden on Tuesday 14 November.

Some weird stuff was happening with an external hard drive before we left….now it’s generating an error message.

Looks like a directory/format problem rather than a fatal physical fault so I copy the content to another drive, reformat it and copy all the files back. Time consuming, but important!

We book the car in for a service tomorrow and I plan some shopping and a mail pick up to try and killa few birds with one stone.

Later in the afternoon we visit the Village Club in Strathblane which we’ve hired to put on a show on Saturday 25 November. Looks great…and once wer’e done we meet a friend form the village who’s helping us with the show and catch up over a coffee.

Back home. more work, then dinner, then a wander along to see Betty and Joe…