OFF into Glasgow early. I drop Margaret then take the car to the garage in Maryhill for service.

I walk into town, drop into McDonalds for coffee and free wifi then change some euros at The Money Shop – the best deal you can find…much beer than the bank, post office or other foreign currency places.

Next stop, pick up some mail at the ’virtual office’. I’m hoping the car’ll be ready soon so I can get some shopping before picking up Margaret but there’s sll some time to kill so I have a gander round GuitarGuitar in the hope of finding a lighter, more flexible alternative to my current effects/pedalboard case.

Advances in technology over recent years mean there are some viable alternaves sound-wise…but as I find out, they’re bulky and expensive. Back to the drawing board…not that we have any spare cash at the moment anyway. The garage calls. There’s broken suspension arm bushes and other stuff needing sorted…and the broken bushes have meant the two relavely new front tyres have been worn through on the inside by rubbing whatever’s bust.

Car won’t be ready ’til nearer 3pm. I sit in Buchanan Galleries and use the wifi then nip into EAT for some lunch before walking back to the garage and a bill thats the best part of £500…a bit of a blow, but on the posiitve side, just as well we decided to have the car services before this weekend’s trip south. Seems we were on the brink of disaster!

I pick up Margaret and we get all the shopping. Back home we empty the car and I nip along to Betty and Joe’s with some stuff we picked up for them.

I’ve some work to do before dinner then we relax in front of the telly with our green curry. Some of my music has been used in the BBC’s Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs series – some of them are still available on the iPlayer so we watch them and then have an early night.