THERE”S a load of web updates and maintenance to be done for my client who’s had her email hacked…two websites to be sorted.

Once I’ve broken the back of the web stuff I make a quick video teaser for my upcoming show at Strathblane/Blanefield Village Hall on Saturday 25 November – just a quick 30-second job that menons the show and that Glengoyne will be sponsoring a welcome dram for all over-18s at the show.

I film something quick then edit it and leave it uploading while I try and sort a problem with my client’s tour dates pages on her sites.

I come up against a bit of a brick wall and leave it while I go along to Bey and Joe’s to help out with a wee project.

Back home, I make a batch of black bean sauce. I’ve just finished when I get a message from May’;s pal Jono saying he’s in the village and if we’re around he’ll pop up and say hello. A few minutes later he and his girlfriend arrive and we have a chat over a drink before they head off.

I rustle up a late slat and pepper tofu with stir-fried greens and we veg in front of the telly before bed.