I’VE an early appointment with the hygienist in the village. I get a bit of work done then Margaret drives me down.

A nice hour-long walk back in the sunshine then I get on with sorting out the websites that have been causing some grief over the last couple of days. Thankfully I crack the problem and the work’s struck off the to-do list.

I’ve been researching some excing new merch ideas. Too early to spill the beans, but I have a chat with the manufacturer and send them over some specially created artwork.

Aer lunch I tackle a small local wring job and some other bits and bobs…then it;s me to go and take some photos to go with the story I was working on.

All goes smoothly other than a sudden gust of wind blowing over my remote flash/shoot-through brolly and breaking the battery door of the flash so the bluddy thing wouldn’t work. Luckily a cable tie courtesy of one of my subjects acts as a temporary fix.

Back home I finish the story and sort the photos before firing the lot off for approval.

We’ve an early start in the morning so i get all the gear packed and ready to go in the car first thing then we have dinner…and a walk along to Betty and Joe’s for a drink 🙂