This cool, engraved Performance 2 capo was awaiting in the mail when we got home…thank you G7th 🙂

THAT extra hour’s sleep worked well…we’re awake by 8am and feel great!

We drink coffee, chat and watch the news while enjoying our hotel room ’picnic’ breakfast of mango fingers and croissants.

I manage to get a lile work done before our 11am checkout then we sit in recepon while I update my Facebook and YouTube banner/cover images to reflect upcoming shows, 

Margaret does the first shift driving then I take over ’l we stop for a late lunch at the Llama Karma Kafé near Penrith. We’ve driven past it many, many times and decide to give it a try today.

It’s a funky place and the menu is interesng if not a lile on the pricey side. Sadly, the grub doesn’t live up to expectations. Margaret’s vegetable soup is cold and has to go back, her main of steak and potato pie is disappointing..

the slice of pie is dried up along one edge so must’ve been sing for a while and her mushy peas are poor. I fare a little better with a selection of beef, chicken and pulled port sliders…my only complaint is the beef in the beef has clearly been hanging around a while.

Margaret’s back in the driving seat and the fuel light comes on as we approach Glasgow, so a stop for a few bits of shopping and diesel is in order.

The night’s are fair drawin’ in as they say…now the clocks have changed, it feels more like ten o’clock than 6pm as we drive back to Loch Lomond.

We unpack and get the mail..which includes a nice custom-engraved capo from G7th. I have an endorsement with G7th and a recent promoon with G7th artists saw them reward me with this black Performance 2 capo.