WE hit the ground running and aer breakfast, Margaret’s straight into looking at what/where we might tour in 2018

Out in the office I have some website login stuff to deal with – my two-factor authencaon seems to have gone a bit off-kilter. I get it sorted then carry on.

The last t-shirt design didn’t really work out as we’d hoped. I like the basic idea, but it needs re-worked into something a bit more striking. I get some work done on it then put it to the side while I fire out some news releases.

There’s also some online promo needing done for my appearance at Schottenfest in Vienna at the end of November/beginning of December.

Once that’s all done I print a run of physical tickets for the Strathblane/Blanefield Village Club show on Saturday 25 November…we;re gonna be doing a promo with Glengoyne for a pair of ckets, a bottle of their finest and a copy of my new live album. Glengoyne is also gonna be sponsoring a welcome dram for everyone (over 18) at the gig 🙂

After lunch, our new mixer arrives – a Behringer X-Air – which will get it’s first outing at the Strathblane/Blanefield gig. It’s basically a lile black stagebox with all control and access to functions from a remote iPad or laptop. It’s small, functional and first impressions are that it’s amazing!

I’ve planned a Facebook Livestream (mobile data connection permittng!) for 8pm…so gather the camera, lights and other paraphernalia required to make it happen.

Amazingly, when the me comes, there’s THREE bars of 4G on my iPhone, so I tether to the laptop and get going…playing a version of my new 1923 song, showing off the G7th cap and giving folks a general update.