I GET some work done after breakfast then make a last-minute decision to go into Glasgow with Margaret.

We stop in the village for Margaret to get some blood taken at the doc’s…she’s had a headache for a week now and it’s not geng any beer, Meanme I post off some merch.

Next stop is the Glengoyne disllery to drop some stuff off and have a quick chat about arrangements for a complimentary ’welcome’ dram for folks coming to the Strathblane/Blanefield show on 25 November.

I drop Margaret off then go to pick up our Italian sausage order form Pietro’s in Tollcross…then I hit Chung Ying and See Woo before rolling up at Tesco.

Next stop is Costco where I pig out with a chicken sandwich – the new ’special’ at the food counter…big enough for two people, but I manage it.

After gettng the rest of the shopping I pick up Margaret and we stop off at B &Q in Bishopbriggs where I check out what we might need to build a smoker/grilling shelter at the foot of the garden.

There’s been a bunch of booking enquiries for next year. Despite her headache, Margaret follows them up while I prepare my ]November eNewsleer and schedule it to go out first thing in the morning to all my various email lists.

I do some more work on t-shirt designs then go back to the house and make a green curry with tofu and cauliflower rice. No carbs…a bit of a joke after my indulgent lunchme chicken sandwich!