BRRRRR…November’s here and it’s brought cold and rain!

Nevermind, I’ve heaps to get on with in the office today. My November eNewsletter went out automatically earlier this morning, but I still have to share a link to the online version round social media, groups and stuff. All that takes longer than puttng the damn thing together in the first place!

There’s some tidying up to do round the place then I get on with some new t-shirt design ideas. My office desk is a mess with piles of receipts and stuff all needing sorted and my accounts need some (actually, a lot of!) attention but the t-shirt art is the lesser of two evils, so that edges to the top of the priority list.

It’s time consuming and laborious. Not so much because of a lack of ideas…or even my ability to put them own. It’s more the lack of memory and sluggish speed of my six-year old laptop. I really need to upgrade, but it’s low priority…and opens a can of worms, not least because the ’big’ Mac in the studio is nearly ten years old and even slower!

I take a break to go for a walk while the rain’s off. The skies have cleared a bit and the last of the daylight is calling. En route I get a message from the glassware folks we’re talking to about some new merch ideas….they’ve sent through some visual mockups using my artwork and looks like we’re good to go 🙂

Back in the office I spend another few hours on t-shirt design and send my visual to Margaret in the house.

She likes it! Next job it to work up a proper version and cross my fingers that our tasty t-shirt cat can use the design!

That’ll wait ’til tomorrow.