New design t-shirts and hoodies coming very soon…

THERE’S a news release to be written and sent out for the upcoming Strathblane/Blanefield show on Saturday 25 November…then I do same for my appearance at SchottenFest, Vienna on 2 December.

Main job of the day, though, is creating final artwork for the new t-shirts and hoodies. I get to work tweaking my design in Illustrator which is made easier thanks to the new graphics tablet then take the art into Photoshop where I work on turning the rather sterile-looking design into a more retro, aged version.

There’s a wee run of shows kicking off next Thursday in Newcastle, so I’d like to pick up the shirts and hoodies from the t-shirt guy on Wednesday. I know he’s busy and it’s a tight turnaround, but when I call him he reckons he can fit my job in. Same for the custom glassware that’s in the pipeline.

My pal Preston has sent me a video clip from a recent show he played in the hope that I can ’fix’ the audio…there’s a lot of background noise and hiss. If I can repair the audio, there’s a few songs to be sorted with a little bit of audio editing and some titles to added as well as the noise removal.

I take the file into the studio and do a couple of edits. One treating the sound in Final Cut and another by stripping out the audio, working on it in ProTools then pung it back on the video. I send off the resulting files to see what he things..there’s a fine balance between removing unwanted sounds and compromising his guitar sound.

Next job is to spend some time with the new X-Air mixer…I need to have my head round it so I can take Margaret through a fairly steep, but not difficult, learning curve. One of the hurdles that stumped me earlier in the week was playing music remotely from a USB thumb drive plugged directly into the stagebox. Turns out that the mixer will only recognise .wav files and they have to be 48k rather than the 44.1k versions I had on the memory stick. I edit the audio and bang, it works 🙂

After dinner we take a walk along to see Betty and Joe then watch a little TV – Margaret wants to catch up on Outlander (bah!) – when we get home.

…and whisky glasses too 🙂