Shitfur (AKA ’dog’) is enjoying the fire!

A LAZY morning with our guests…and just as we sit down for breakfast the phone goes. JonZip and Maggi are nearby and wondered if were gonna be in.

We’ve not long finished breakfast when they arrive and we all chat over coffee. Alastair and Karen hit the road – JohnZip and Maggi hang out for a wee while longer then go on their way.

Margaret and I spend some time in the studio with the new mixer. I’ve already done most of the set up and saved it, but Margaret hasn’t had a chance to get her hands on it and try it all for herself. Quite important, really, as she’ll be the one using it!

Catriona and Will drop in for a coffee. Catriona is expecting and the baby’s due in May. We’ve known for a while but sworn to secrecy until she’d had her 12-weeks scan which was during the week. And all’s good.

We have a Skype chat with Aune Glo then drink coffee and eat cake before Will goes off to work and Catriona heads home.

I get a little work done before Betty comes for dinner as Joe’s in hospital. Looks like Joe’s gonna be there for a few days while they get the infection in his leg under control.

We have dinner and too much to much so that, when we walk Betty home, I realise halfway along the road that I’m wearing my slippers!