A LOVELY sunny day, so we resolve to go for a walk once we’ve got some work out the way…and, of course, breakfast.

I’ve now got my head round 99% of  the new X-Air mixer. A playlist of pre- and post- gig playback music is on a mini USB stick small and unobtrusive enough to stay in the mixer’s USB socket permanently. Amazing.

Up ’til now, even if we’ve just been using the small digital Bose mixer we’ve ad to take a multicore, power supplies, a cranky old iPod and power supply for playback plus a load more cables and adaptors. This new X-Air means all we have is a remote control stagebox and an iPad (or laptop…or even just an iPhone). Less stuff, way more flexibility and better quality 🙂

However! I still haven’t managed to secure the mixer’s wifi network and while I doubt any gig goer is likely to have the either software on their phone – or desire to ruin a show – it’s better to secure the wifi, if only to stop anyone’s smartphone automatically joining the network and crowding it out.

I thought I;d set the security a few times, but was never being asked for a login/password. A few YouTube videos later and I find the solution. After setting the security it needs to be ‘activated’ by switching the small ethernet/client/access point switch on the unit from access point to ethernet and back. That does the trick. This is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation despite the manual banging on endlessly about the importance of setting up a password!

Anyway, we go out for a walk in the sun, stopping in at Betty’s to say hello and sort a minor internet problem.

Back home I get to work repairing some audio on a live video Preston Reed sent me for an overhaul. I spend a bit of time stripping out the audio, working on it and re-syncing it with his footage then send it off.

Then it’s dinner time after which we relax in front of the telly and watch an intersting documentary about Grease the movie.