UP early and at it…or ‘almost’ at it, as the internet’s on a go-slow again.

I get the urgent stuff done then out of patience and go into the house and mess with the banjo in the hope some ideas will come out. Nothing. But it’s fun.

In the studioI back up stuff from the mobile hard drive I use with the MacBook onto the big drives then start archiving the lot onto another drive.

It’s gonna take ages to copy over – which gives me time to play some guitar and while nothing jumps out at me, I think the noodling around might develop into some ideas. Fingers crossed.

Back in the office I get some media/promo work done before we jump in the car to visit Joe in hospital. It’s not too long a drive and we haven;t seen him since Thursday.

Good news is he’s on the mend…but he’s not too happy at being in hospital for another few days.

Back in the village we meet Betty for something to eat and then have an early night. Hopefully it’ll be better weather tomorrow and I’ll gets some fresh air and maybe even tackle some of the outdoor jobs on the list.