AN early trip into Glasgow to drop Margaret off and get some shopping before heading home.

A roll in sausage in Tesco, some shopping there until Costco opens at 10am for a big bag of birdseed.

Back home I get in with printing set lists and overprinting ‘forthcoming’ gig postcards for Thursday;s show in Newcastle and Saturday in Glasgow.

I want to start planning to build a shelter for the smoker and grill at the bottom of the garden, but there’s a big raised flowerbed thing which is immovable so I set about getting the weeds and dead stuff out then start wheelbarrowing the earth to a tarpaulin elsewhere. I’d forgotten about the gravel and broken pots etc in the bottom of each section, so I need to get rid of that too.

I get about half of it done before it starts raining…I’m short of time anyway, so I go into the house and make lunch then hit the studio and sort all the gear for an early start on Thursday…we’re both in Glasgow all day tomorrow (Wednesday).

Early afternoon I pick up Betty and we go to see Joe in hospital then carry on into Glasgow to pick up Margaret in town then I drop the pair of them off at the Hydro for Andy Murray Live.

I head over to see JonZip and we have some dinner and blether for a few hours ’til it;s time for me to pick up Margaret and Betty who, by all accounts, have had a splendid time 🙂l