Margaret starts the mammoth task of bagging the new t-shirts and hoodies so we have some to take for the merch table tomorrow night in Newcastle…

AWAKE early and checking emails and some social media while drinking coffee in bed.

A message via Facebook from someone alerts me to a website problem. I’ve been hacked. Despite pretty tight security and two-factor login authentication some fuckwit has managed to inject some malware into my site that’s turned every link into a spam link and triggers a load of pop-ups. Grrrr….

I immediately put up a ‘website down for maintenance page’ but can;t do anything about it ’til I’ve dropped Margaret in Glasgow and gone for some wifi. And more coffee.

The malware has corrupted all the links on my back-end admin system too, so all I can do it get in touch with my hosting folks and get them to roll back a few days and re-instate my entire website and database.

It takes a while and some to-ing and fro-ing, but eventually it’s all under control and sorted.

Website fixed, next job is to pick up the ‘Dave Arcari – whisky-driven deep blues’ whisky glasses. A test  run of tumblers and Glencairn glasses. They’re looking good – no time to get ’em in the online store today, but they’ll be on the merch table at Thursday’s show in Newcastle….and Saturday in Glasgow. Then, if there’s any left, London on Tuesday!

Next I set up camp at Braehead and have a coffee and get some more work done. Someone’s ordered some stuff form my MusicGlue site…something I don’t really keep up to date. Regardless, the sales notification didn’t come through, so I spend some time getting that all in order and rescuing the order from the big black hole.

I pick up Margaret and we go for a coffee and a snack to kill some time before going to see Kenny –the T-shirt Cat – to pick up an order of the new design hoodies and t-shirts. He’s pulled out all the stops to get ’em ready for the merch table tomorrow (Thursday) in Newcastle. He’s done a great job 🙂

Back home we sort merch and try and get as much work done before dinner…Betty’s popping by later, so I want the decks cleared before she comes. And an early start tomorrow….