JEEZ – my website’s fucked again.

We don’t have much time this morning. We need to be on the road by 9am and the car’s still to be packed.

I spend a frantic half hour getting everything sorted (again) and we manage to get away without too much delay.

First stop is McDonalds in Govan for breakfast…then Margaret does all the driving to Stockton where I have a meeting with a PRS Members’ Fund grant holder.

Then onto Sunderland for the second of my meetings before rolling up at the Ramada hotel in Newcastle booked for us by The Cluny – tonight’s venue.

There’s time to chill for an hour before we head to The Cluny – I’ve played here maybe 10/15 times but never in the smaller downstairs venue, the Cluny 2. It’s an amazing space and I’m set up and soundchecked in no time. Engineer Ross is ace an we have a good ol’ blether before heading a few metres along the road to the ‘main’ Cluny for dinner.

We’re back at Cluny 2 just in time for doors opening, but our pals – and headline act – Left Lane Cruiser have had van problems and are  running late. They arrive in time to get their gear on stage and do a quick line check before I hit the stage for a sweaty, frantic, whisky-driven 45-miniutes. Great crowd, great sound, great fun!