OOOFT…after 10am when we wake up!

Ah well, no big deal today and there’s just the journey home and some shopping to pick up.

Except my website’s screwed AGAIN! Despite the file rollbacks, there must be some malware hidden in the depths of the server, files or database that’s automatically messing all the links and menus.

I get onto the hosting company and spend the time before we have to check out the hotel trying to resolve the issue.

Again, it seems sorted…we’ll see.

We hit the road, stopping in Glasgow for some shopping then back home.

I get some work done and find…website’s knackered again. This is driving me nuts. Not much I can do ’til the morning so i put up a holding page and put the site into ‘maintenance’ mode 🙁

Joe got out the hospital today, so we wander along and see him before making our way back home for a relatively early night.