A LOT to get through today as we’re off to London early doors tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

I make up set lists and print them out along with a bunch of ‘forthcoming gig’ postcards then set about some last minute promo – basically posting the gig link on all the event ‘invitees’ pages.

Of course, Facebook gets angsty when folks do things like this and the make me type in a captcha for every bluddy post after the first few. So, takes longer than it should, but it’s a good way to remind folks about the show 😉

I nip out to post some stuff and when I get back start digging some earth out of a big wooden planter at the bottom of the garden. I need to move it so I can mark out where I’d like to build a shelter for the smoker and grill…it’s hard going and I get about halfway through before stopping for lunch.

In the office I get the new t-shirts, hoodies and whisky glasses on sale in the online shop then go back outside to finish shovelling the earth. Moral of the story? Be very sure where you want raised beds or planters ‘cos it’s a mammoth job trying to empty and shift them!

Next I hit the studio and rehearse some of my set for tomorrow night then pack the car ready for a 6am (yeugh) getaway.

Next job is to try and source a Reunion Blues Continental Voyager electric guitar case. I call (using Skype) Thomann in Germany in case they have one or are expecting a delivery…they only have a semi acoustic version in stock but are the main European distributor. But no, they don’t have any and reckon it could be December before new stock arrives 🙁

I trawl about online. Reunion Blues themselves don’t appear to ship to the UK but I call them anyway…but they don’t have any in stock either. Jeez! Who though getting hold of a decent guitar case could be this difficult!

We have dinner and discus the dilemma.

Margaret finds a few in stock on Amazon.com but every time we try and add them to our basket we get a message saying ‘sorry, this product does not ship to the UK’. For fuck sake.

I try calling a music store in New Jersey that appears to have some in stock. The guy is helpful, works out shipping and seems prepared to fulfil my order…the only problem is they don’t take international credit cards, so it’ll have to be done by PayPal.

I send off an email with all the billing and delivery info then lock up the office. It;s getting late, I need a dram and we’re having an early night. Fingers crossed this guitar case order works out.