I FEEL surprisingly OK after last night’s excesses in both food and drink.

We have breakfast then Margaret helps Mikey work through a bunch of papers and stuff he’s brought through.

In the office I check my website for any malware and so far it’s looking like we’ve got rid of ‘the infection’ then take the car to the studio and unpack the gear and merch.

The big pot of black bean soup I started yesterday still needs some cooking, so it goes back on the heat until I’m happy with the texture then I add a last couple of ingredients and simmer for another 1/2-hour. The smoked ham hock has done a great job…I take it out and take off any meat that hasn’t already fallen off the bone, discard any fat and nasty bits then break the good stuff up and add it back to the soup. Tastes pretty damn good 🙂

Following the positive outcome of just taking one steel guitar and the Resolectric Jnr on the Estonia/Latvia trip we’d like to do the same when we hit Vienna for Schottenfest at the start of December. Problem is, the hardshell Resolectric case isn’t really up to checked baggage standard.

I don’t want to go down the route of a bulky and heavy  flightcase – the only viable option there would be a Hoffee carbon fibre case but they’re way out of budget…so I’m thinking a top-end gig bag from either Reunion Blues (the Continental Voyager) or Mono (Vertigo).

Both are gigbag-alike enough to be allowed as cabin baggage without too much grief…and protective enough to withstand baggage handlers and the dreaded ‘checked baggage’. I’m veering toward the USA-made Reunion Blues but availability in the UK – and even Europe – appears non-existent. I email the distributor in Germany in the hope they can source one quick..their own retail website only has the semi-acoustic version of the case I want,

Conversely, I can probably get a  Mono Vertigo next day delivery…but that’s a compromise, and I don’t like to compromise!

Not much more I can do about it, so I spend the rest of the afternoon and evening – a good three or four hours – reinstating my blog and some other bits of the website that need attention. A pain in the ass, but surely better than having to rebuild from scratch.

It’s after 9pm by the time I go back to the house and make a green curry with chicken. We eat and watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with a nice bottle of red.