The gold-stamped bags work pretty well… 🙂

MARGARET wakes me up. It’s 11am. Jeez – check out time…unless, of course, you’re a Wyndham Rewards member, in which case you get complimentary late checkout ’til 1pm 🙂

So we have a lazy half hour drinking coffee and eating our obligatory ‘picnic’ breakfast…yogurt, fruit, croissants and coffee – all sourced from a supermarket visit yesterday and kept in our cool bag.

After a shower I get on with some online work while Margaret packs the bag and we hit the road just before 1pm.

A fuel and supermarket stop nearby then we carry on, eating our lunch along the way and swapping driving duties ’til we get home just after 9pm.

We picked up some ‘ready meals’ at the garage. While they’re in the oven I pack up some merch orders and get ’em packed up. 

Now we have so many odd-shaped things on the merch table – whisky glasses (two kinds), slides, CDs, shirts, guitar-strings, vinyl etc – Margaret ordered some funky black carrier bags. We thought it’s be a good idea to brand them. so I ordered a rubber stamp and gold ink pad from which has been delivered while we were away. I stamp up the bags. The result is quite cool 🙂

Back in the house we eat, have a glass of wine then head to bed. Puggled.