THE whisky glasses are proving quite popular, so in get in touch with the supplier and order another batch first thing.

In the studio, I do some more work on a video for Preston Reed…I already ‘fixed’ some of the audio he supplied, but he’s keen to know if can push it further. I mess about for a while, but I reckon it’s better the way it was. Nevermind – I do another version and send it over.

After lunch our pal Karen arrives with a load of paintings to be photographed. Her art is amazing and it’s a privilege to help out – the initial job is to get them all photographed to build a digital portfolio. I’d already set up some lighting in the studio, so it doesn’t take long. All look good although some reflective paint is causing unwanted highlights on a couple of the images.

Karen heads off and I promise to do some work on the images and get them over as soon as I can.

There’s some more bits and bobs needing done in the office then I set about doing some drawings and pricing up materials to build a wee shelter at the bottom of the garden for the smoker and grills.

It’s dark when I finish and head into the house to light the fire and start preparing dinner. Margaret’s getting some shopping in Glasgow and arrives back just as I have everything under control.

After we eat – Italian sausage pasta with edamame spaghetti instead of ‘real’ pasta…zero carbs! –we open a bottle of red and sit in front of the fire and I tinker about with some banjo ideas.