I HEAD straight to the studio and spend the morning working on the photos of Karen’s artwork. Pretty pleased with the results 🙂

After lunch I have some time mess about with the banjo ideas from last night. Nowhere near the basis of a song, but some quite nice wee riffs and picking patterns. While I’m at it, I spend some time with the guitar too.

Out in the office, the file transfer of the artwork images isn’t going anywhere fast, I reset the transfer then go out for a walk i the last of the afternoon light, And the rain.

I get to Milarrochy bay before dark and do a quick Facebook Live update – forthcoming gigs, what’s been happening over the last week or two and new merch.

Suddenly it’s dark and i’m wandering back along the lochside thankful that I had my head torch in my pocket. I still manage to trip over a bunch of rocks and tree roots along the way tho’!

Back home I get some PRS live performance returns done..there’s quite a few as i haven’t done it since the start of July, but their new online system makes things a little easier in many ways.

I get halfway through before it;s time to head to our pals Duncan and Irene’s for dinner. Haven;t seen them for ages and we have a lovely evening, I’m happy to undertake driving duties as Margaret’s driven everywhere the last few weeks.