AFTER breakfast Betty drops in for a coffee and some help with a local project.

We spend some time on that then Catriona arrives – she and Margaret are making mince pies. The pastry needs to rest for a while, so meantime we go out for a wee walk and blether.

I’ve got a heap of work needing done in the office – I can’t get my PRS returns finished as the PRS system is down for scheduled maintenance, but there’s plenty other stuff to be getting on with. There’s also some merch orders come in, so they need packed ready for posting out on Monday.

We’re off to Martyn and Louise’s for dinner but first we need to drop in and see Lynsey and David…arriving at Martyn and Louise’s just after 7.30pm. We have a wonderful dinner and a grand night catching up before  our pre-booked cab comes to pick us up.