One of the photos to promote the Dave Arcari whisky glasses round social media…

AN early start – not going anywhere, just needing to get cracking with the to-do list!

First job is to see about ordering materials for the smoker/grill shelter and check delivery costs and timescales. I make a few phone calls and fire of a few emails…in between times Will alerts me to a good deal on a circular saw, so that gets ordered for pickup tomorrow.

I have a couple of photos that I took yesterday that I want to post round Facebook and Instagram to promote the ‘Dave Arcari’ whisky glasses…and it pays off – a few orders from the USA by return!

One of my web clients is coming  later on, so meantime I start on my accounts. I sorted much of the receipts and stuff a few weeks ago, but the lots needs to go through the spreadsheets which is a daunting task.

I get about half way through before Heather arrives and we spend an hour or two on her websites.

We’d planned to go and see Joe in hospital tonight but a text from Betty brings good news…he’s home 🙂

So the plan is that after Mikey drops by to pick up one of our old iPhones (long story!) we’ll have dinner with Betty and Joe and help them out with some bits and bobs.