WE sleep in! It’s nearly 11am when I wake up…after a quick coffee and a shower it’s time for breakfast.

I arranged with Betty we’d walk along to pick up our cars from Martyn and Louise’s around midday. The walk clears the cobwebs a little and we get posters up along to way for the forthcoming ELLCT (East Loch Lomond Community Trust) AGM.

We go in to our pals for a coffee – and Louise has made churros…Betty heads off, but I’m still there at 3pm chatting and drinking coffee.

When I finally get back home I get a bit of work done then set up some photos of the new Dave Arcari whisky glasses filled with a dram in front of the fire.

I get some prep done for tonight’s black pepper tofu before Will stops by on his way home from work to chat about my plans for a smoker/BBQ/grill shelter at the bottom of the garden. Once we’re done, we get cracking a with a Facebook Livestream I’ve scheduled for 8pm.

The livestream goes OK despite patchy internet and poor sound at the start – I had to set the camera and stuff up in a bit of a rush.

I finally have dinner ready by 9.30pm. We’ve not long finished eating when Betty drops in for a quick drink then we call it a night.