EARLY appointment in Glasgow…my routine checkup at the eye hospital.

This has been a (very) regular thing for me for the last 12 years or so and although it’s a bit of a pain, the consultants and all the staff are amazing and usually there’s a minimum of hanging around.

We’re out by 10am and Margaret drives to the Chinese cash’n’carry, Costco and Tesco for our shopping run. It take a few hours for my vision to get back to normal, and in that period I can read anything, let alone drive,

We’re home in time for lunch of steamed pork and Chinese mushroom buns and miso soup then we both get on with some work.

I’ve been feeling a bit odd today. Drained. I go back to the house about 5pm, light the fire and fall asleep on the sofa for ten minutes before Will drops in to  drop off a pick axe and get an update on my smoker/grill shelter plan which is slowly coming together.

Margaret and I spend a while discussing plans for a return to the USA later in 2018 then our concentration is broken by a call from Mikey who’s needing help sorting out his phone. Looks like he’s gonna pop by tomorrow and yours truly will try and fix things.

After dinner we watch the first half of a film on Netflix called Mudbound. A wee bit slow at the start, but comes together OK…we’re both tired so decide to leave watching the second half ’til tomorrow…