FOR some reason I don’t wake up ’til nearly 11am. Bluddy hell, we had an early night last night…what the hell’s wrong with me!!

There’s lots of stuff to get through but top of the list this morning is dealign with retailers stocking my CDs and vinyl…ensuring they have stock, recording sales and chasing invoices.

I do some last-minute promo for this weekend’s Strathblane/Blanefield gig at the Village Club and run a wee advert set of Facebook for a final few days.

Another priority for today is to start putting out the feelers for USA bookings for a planned tour in October 2018. It’s always hard to get routing and gig opportunities marrying up, especially when planning so far ahead.

I spend the rest of the afternoon on that..then head back to the house. Mikey’s coming at 7pm as he needs me to back up his old (previously broken, but now OK!) iPhone and get the info onto his mum’s old iPhone.

He finally shows just before 9pm and I get him set up, give him his dinner and send him on his way.

Then Margaret and I settle down to watch the last hour of Mudbound – we watched the first half last night. it’s quite bleak and harrowing but a well produced and important film highlighting racial abuse in the USA in the late 1940s by focussing on the experiences of neighbouring black and white war heroes,