Success! The salt & pepper tofu and stir-fried seasonal greens works out good 🙂

IT’S snowing while I go through my pre-breakfast winter routine – take out the rubbish, clean the fire, chop wood and set the fire ready for later.

By the time I’ve finished breakfast, though, skies are clear and the sun’s shining. There’s some posts from Schottenfest to share round social media – I’m headlining the Saturday (2 December) night in Vienna and getting quite excited by it all.

I’ve been trying to track the guitar case that;s coming form the USA. Latest update says a customs charge has been raised (bah!) but at least that means progress. I’ll be interested to see just how much VAT, import duty and ‘handling charges’ I get humped for…I can’t understand why we get charged VAT and import duty of shipping costs (and insurance!). The shipping for the $189 guitar bag is $129…so I’ll no doubt be paying well over double the cost. Just because the European distributors can’t get their shit together and have the stuff in stock!

It’s so nice outside I really want to go for a walk. I justify it by killing three birds with one stone – I need to rehearse some tunes for Saturday’s show in Strathblane and it’d be cool to do a Facebook livestream so I do just that.

My wee Aersi travel resonator guitar has a soft bag with back straps, so it’s not too much of a slog to carry that – and a tripod – a few miles up the lochside where I set things up and do a 1/2-hour livestream (watch it below).

I’m home in time for a late lunch then I take advantage of the nice weather to clean out the gutters at the studio. A cold, mucky job. But it’s done.

An email from the “Dave Arcari’ whisky glass makers tells me my order – more Glencairns and whisky tumblers – is ready so I can collect ’em tomorrow when I’m in Glasgow. I update stock levels in the online store 🙂

Back in the house I light the fire and mess with the guitar and banjo for a while then spend an hour in the studio.

Dinner’s salt and pepper tofu with stir-fried seasonal greens works out well then we have an early night.