Videoblog of Saturday night’s set up and show at Strathblane Village Cliub.

NO hangover, but I’m aching all over…musta pulled some silly shapes during the show last night!

After breakfast I take the car to the studio and unload the gear, then to the office to unload the merch…then the rest of the stuff goes into the house.

I’m not long done when Martyn and Louise roll up and we go for a wander up the lochside stopping in at Betty and Joe’s on the way back for bacon rolls.

Back home I edit up some of the video clips we took yesterday to make a wee video blog of the Strathblane set up and show. Takes me a bit longer than I expect – while it;s all processing i set up the PA in the studio and try and work out why we could get a proper stereo set up last night. 

I check all the connections, swap things over and try everything the problem persists. Just doesn’t make sense. I’m starting to wonder if it’s the new mixer, so for one more test I use my wee AER cube and test both outputs form the mixer. Working fine! So…seems there’s a problem with the active (ie: powered) amp/bass unit. Most likely with the mono/stereo modes and balance control.Mmmmm….

I take the video file to the office and start it uploading then we go along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner and a glass (or two!) of red. A lovely night 🙂