I CALL the wood supplier first thing…they were meant to be in touch with me on Saturday to confirm availability of some of the stuff I need and schedule delivery for today (Monday).

The guy gives me the usual trades’-folks shite excuse – in this case “I was called away’. So fucking what! The world doesn’t stop and how about your colleagues dealign with it?! I manage to hold my tongue and not take him to task which is just as well as the price is good and he’s arranging delivery for this morning.

And right enough, I’m just packaging up some merch and printing postage labels when the lorry pulls up. I’ll forgive ’em. This time.

Of course as soon as the stuff is off the lorry the rain starts, so I decide to put everything away later and get on with some promo for this weekend’s trip to Schottenfest in Vienna.

After lunch the rain’s stopped so I do a rough layout where the smoker/grill shelter will go and put all the building supplies in their rightful place.

I do some follow-up work on the plans for USA 2018…some encouraging responses so we should be able to make a firm plan on whether or not it’ll happen in a week or so.

There’s retailer invoices to be chased up – luckily they;re all dealt with by return.

After dinner I play a bit of guitar and take a break to reply to a co-incidental email from a Michigan -based agent asking if I’ll be touring in the USA in 2018 🙂