I get profiles made up and the stringlines down for the smoker/grill shelter…

ANOTHER nice day, so as soon as I have the routine stuff out the way I get busy with some of the ground layout work for the smoker/grill shelter.

I fine tune the ground markers then cut some profiles. My first outing with a circular saw. I’m surprised how easy it is to use despite my overly cautious approach to using the thing.

I make up the profiles, position them and run the string guides before Ivor and Izzy drop by for a coffee and to collect an online vinyl order.

After lunch it’s back into the office. A couple of London dates for 2018 have just been confirmed which is great. I’d like a few more confirmations before I put out my December eNewsletter – we’ll see what comes over the next day or two. 

Parcelforce delivers the Reunion Blues gig bag..what a performance having to get  from the USA but at least it’s here in time for our trip to Vienna. First impressions of the gig bag are that it’s even better than I expected…we’ll see how the airport folks react and how it performs on this weekend’s trip. If it works, I may well retire my big heavy old Calton cases and try and get some of these for the steel guitars.

Daylight’s fading fast so I nip out for a walk up the lochside and get back home just as its getting a bit too dark to see.

I get the fire and play some guitar 🙂

After dinner we watch Outlander, the CMA  (Country Music Associaition) award highlights – pretty uninspiring, and the first half of a film about the development of country music. Then bed.