Post hole number two gets started…this one was relatively easy!

CRACKING day. Lots to do in the office but it’s probably better to take advantage of the dry day…

That means digging the holes for the main posts of the smoker/grill shelter. Mmmmm…not a job I’m looking forward to.

I mark my holes, take the string lines off the profiles and start digging. I get six inches or so down on the first one and hit something hard. Not a pipe, thankfully, but a big piece of broken slab. The Roughneck digging pole manages to smash it and lever it out from various roots and stuff. There’s more stone, rocks, broken slabs and all sorts to negotiate and I;ve a fair sweat going by the time the hole’s dug.

The second hole is a bit easier. Just a few random bits of stone that are ‘easily’ (erm.., well relatively!) removed. The other tool – a clamshell-like post digger – makes things a hell of a lot easier than it might’ve been. Best 30 quid I’ve spent in a long time.

Hole number three, though, is a bastard. I almost immediately hit something hard. The digging bar’s chisel tip just glances off and sparks at me. A lot of hitting, pushing and prying reveals a boulder twice the size of head. It’s also caught in a load of roots. I manage to lever it out with the bar but it means having to move the corner profile. I mark it’s position as best I can and get the bugger out.

I finally finish digging hole number four before dark then go indoors and give the house a quick clean, I promised Margaret Id do some hoovering before she came home.

Once I’m done I head into the studio and edit up some video clips for the Estonia/Latvia trip that Margaret found on her phone.

Job done – see below – I upload to Facebook and YouTube, head back to the house. I’m pretty broken – digging these post holes is possibly the hardest thing I’ve done. But it IS done and to my naive mind, it’s probably the most challenging part of the smoker/grill shelter project.

The ring finger on my right hand is sore and throbbing tho’. Earlier I thought I’d just pushed the side of my nail into my finger, but Margaret notices a sklef. Just a tiny wee black bit. But it’s well embedded in my finger and the tweezers won;t get it. Margaret digs about with a needle for a good ten minutes and still can;t get it so I soak my finger in hot water for a while then she has another go…deciding just to go for it she jabs hard, I squawk loudly but she’s opened things up and a few seconds later has the skelf out. Phew. What a carry one for a tiny wee thing!

I light the fire, open a beer and get a green curry underway. Think I might be sore tomorrow!

I edit together a few live clips from the recent Estonia Latvia tour that Margaret found on her phone.



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