WE leave today and need to check out the hotel by 11am.

We’re at breakfast soon after 10am and just finishing when Grainne joins us. We blether for a while then while Margaret packs I drops some vinyl stock into the pop-up record shop next door to the hotel.

One of the festival organisers orgaised a taxi to pick us up at 11.20am to take us to pick up Karine Polwart at her hotel…then on to the airport. We’ve been outside from 11am…but by 11.40am there’s no sign of the cab…Margaret gets the hotel folks to order another to take us directly to the airport, assuming the other turned up to take Karine.

Our flight to Frankfurt – the first leg of the journey – is delayed by nearly an hour, and by the time it actually gets off the ground we realise there’s no hope of making the Frankfurt to Edinburgh connection. When we land we’re informed we’ve been re-booked on a Frankfurt to Edinburgh flight. For tomorrow (Tuesday) morning

There’s a fair bit of farting about at the airport, but I have to say that Lufthansa themselves are pretty on it and we’re sent to a hotel with vouchers for dinner etc. Still, I reckon we’ve a fair bit of compensation to claim for the loss of Tuesday!

It;s a good 30-minutes to the hotel by shuttle bus with a few fannies on board. I keep my mouth shut, tho’…and we check in, have some grub and a couple of drinks then retire to our room.

Margaret was meant to have a day’s teaching tomorrow…and I was meant to be at a Musicians’ Union workshop in Glasgow. Not happening!