Vienna’s Christmas market is quite spectacular….

NO huge rush this morning….breakfast open ’til 11am and nothing happening ’til around 2pm.

After breakfast Margaret crashes out and I get some work done. I wake her when it’s time to think about leaving to go across town to the Ruby Lissi where the Vienna Songwriting Circle is hosting an event to close the Schottenfest programme.

We meet up with lots of folks that have been playing and I play a couple of numbers. We have a chilled afternoon. We have a complimentary meal at a nearby place so Margaret, Grainne (Hunt) and I go to eat then we have a wander round the big Christmas market. It’s quite spectacular and very festive.

Next, we make our way to the venue for the festival wrap party where we spend the rest of the evening…and another couple of impromptu songs from yours truly. I’m kinda ‘sung out’ but it would be rude not to participate!

We say cheerio to everyone and dash off to get the last underground train back to our hotel. Some weekend!

A selfie with Grainne en route to the Christmas market

Our hosts…the Schottenfest organisers and some of the Vienna Songwriting Circle give us a few songs at the wrap party