I brave the rain and venture down to the village to take some night-time snaps…

BACK to the ‘normal’ routine…for the first part of the morning, anyway!

Then…internet’s not working. Solved. Email’s not working (on the laptop – OK on my phone). Not solved. External hard drive not working. Buggered 🙁

I send out some early news releases for the local gig at Memorial Hall with Lucy Zirins on Saturday 10 February – there’s a few monthly and bi-monthly magazines that need info now if we’re gonna get a  mention.

Next gig, though, is Saturday 20 January in Belfast for the Out to Lunch Festival. I’m keen to try and set up a session/interview on BBC Ulster/Foyle, so get in touch with some of the folks there I’ve done stuff with before. I also call some of the newspapers, update my media contacts database and send them a news release.

There’s a wee lull in the weather, so I dig the post holes for the smoker/bbq shelter a little deeper then reset the string marking the plot.

I take the gubbed hard drive to the studio in the vain hope it might be coaxed back into life but no chance. 

Back in the office I have an event to add to the G63.scot website and when spreading same round social media I decide the G63 Facebook page needs a new cover image…same with the local community group page.

It’s dark and wet, but I grab a jacket and camera and wander down to the village and take a few snaps.

Once the Facebook pages are all updated I tackle the email problem. Not sure if it’s my machine or the service provider. I start an online chat but the normally efficient service provider throws back a message saying they’re very busy and it might take 35 minutes to get a response. I fire off my problem and go to prepare dinner, checking the laptop every so often. An hour later dinner;s ready and there’s still no response. I bomb ’em out and decide to investigate further tomorrow.