FIRST job this morning is to tackle the email problem.

I’d thought it might be a server problem as inputing my passwords for the various accounts into the pop up dialogue boxes still returned an error.

On closer inspection, though, I see the password fields for all my email accounts are blank. Odd, I repopulate and all is back to normal. Think things are maybe getting messed up due to the laptop running so low on hard drive space.

I want to set up a Christmas offer at my online store – a 10% until Sunday. First I set up a discount code/coupon then – the horrible bit – a stock taking to make sure we  don;t run out of stock or, worse, sell anything we don’t have. Takes a while!

Maggi and Jonzip are coming tonight – and Catriona and Will tomorrow. Will and I are starting to build the smoker/grill shelter tomorrow…so I have to prepare dinner for tonight and tomorrow. I get a fair bit done then go back into the office and create an image for a Facebook ad promoting the merch store discount.

I’m making the starter  (including some for tomorrow too!) when Jonzip and Maggi arrrive. Once done, Jonzip and I nip out to the office and I do a bit of website maintenance for him.

Then drink, dinner, and chat…’til 2.30am 🙂