Let work commence….a beautiful crisp day to get the smoker/grill shelter project underway…

UH-OH…really bad head this morning..and knackered – and Will’s coming at 10am to help with the smoker/grill shelter build.

I drag myself outa bed, pop a couple of paracetamol and before breakfast manage get some work done online and some merch orders packed ready for Margaret to take the post office later.

…and one of the side beams

Catriona and Will roll up and join Maggi, Jonzip and ourselves for breakfast then Will and I get to work.

Margaret and Catriona head into Glasgow for a ‘mother and daughter’ day. 

Will and I make good progress on the shelter build – and have broken the back of the job by the time it gets too dark to work safely.

In the office we sort out a domain name and web hosting for a website for Will’s glass making the we nip into the studio where I take some  pix of a very nice paperweight that I’ll use as the main image on a holding page for the website.

Catriona and Margaret get back just after 7pm and we have a nice chilled night eating, chatting and drinking. But not too late tonight..Will and I have work to do tomorrow!

Getting the posts straight…and concreted in.

and we finish for the day – getting too dark to work safely.