A lovely morning – and Conic Hill emerges from the freezing fog as I have my breakfast.

UP early…another beautiful day – but bluddy cold!

I’m not long finished the routine tasks when someone from Wickes in Stirling calls. They’re not going to be able to deliver my order (placed yesterday) on Friday as ‘they don’t have  driver available’…so it;ls gonna be next Tuesday (19 December!).

I’m unimpressed with the lousy excuse and even less impressed with the guy’s inability to explain why they haven;t organised cover for said driver. I keep the heid tho’…

In the office I log onto Twitter and decide to tag Wickes in my moan and within minutes I have a direct message asking for order info. A short while later a lady calls from Wickes, Stirling. My order will delivered on Wednesday. Well, that’s a result – and full marks to Wickes’ customer services folks for dealign with my complaint so quickly, and resolving it.

Next job is cleaning the smoker, then I get on with some other promo work and send out some press/media info about forthcoming gigs.

There’s a delivery scheduled for between 3pm and 4pm so after lunch I nip out for a qucik walk up the lochside. Cold but beautiful.

Of course, the delivery doesn’t come ’til (just after) 4pm but the time waiting is spent in the studio working on some new song ideas then I test the PA that we thought may have been playing up a few weeks ago. Seems OK. Mmmm….

We spend the evening writing Christmas cards. A full day of things to be done in Glasgow tomorrow…